March 29, 2012


Architecture and construction exhibits are considered to be a "must see" event.  It is where you can meet suppliers, professionals and find the best and the latest materials for construction.  It is quite refreshing to see so many things which can help improve and complete a certain design.  It is like the shopping haven for designers, architects, engineers and other people of similar fields.

Most trade show displays are bold and very appealing with coordinated logo floor mats and banners.  In some exhibits, even the truss and exhibit booths are well coordinated with the theme and product or service they are selling.  It is actually good that way so people can easily spot which one they need to check out.  Although it is fun to go through all the vendors within the exhibit, it can be very tiring and time consuming if the hall is in a larger scale.

It is true that everything can be seen and bought online but there's something special when you see, feel and find what you want as compared to virtual images.  From there you can see the craftsmanship and product quality, therefore you can make better decisions.  Such exhibits are not showcased all the time so it's really worth going when there's an open exhibition.


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