March 28, 2012


The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez

I surfed the web using my matthews clearwire internet connection yesterday for at least three hours. My husband and I have two weddings that we have to attend this spring. He is in both weddings, so that means that I am going to have to have a dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. His outfits are already taken care of, a suit and a tux. He has a bunch of ties too. I just can’t seem to find anything that is decently priced that I like. Since when did the price of a cocktail dress reach an average of three hundred dollars? Maybe I just haven’t bought anything in a while, but these weddings are breaking me! I just hope that I will be able to find something that strikes my fancy. I hate going somewhere and not liking what I am wearing. I always have less fun than when I feel like I am put together and look nice. I guess that I am going to have to go back to surfing the web again tomorrow, I can’t stop until I find something!


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