September 26, 2011

Wide Calf Boots

 Every season we get to enjoy all different apparel depending on the season.  Summer is the best time to dress up so casual, dress less to beat the summer heat.  Who would want anyway to go hit up the beach all bundled up as if temperature is way down to 40F? 

Now that summer has officially ended so time to keep away all those summer clothing and bundle up a bit.  No more flip flops because it's about ti,e to cover up a bit more.  Wide calf boots are great for this season to keep those piggies toasty and warm. 

Time to match up those boots with nice flowing layers and sweaters to be in fashion for this fall.  No need to worry about ditching those boots right after the season since the colder one will come right after.  You can certainly enjoy your boots for two long seasons.  Check out to see the style that's right for you!


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