September 26, 2011

Bullying Prevention

Many kids suffer from bullying and some extreme offense could lead to dreadful outcome to the victim.  Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior which may involve verbal harassment and physical abuse.  Bullying usually occurs with one-on-one or as a group wherein members second to the primary bully.  Bullying can also be referred as peer abuse and it is evident in schools, workplace, home, family, neighborhoods, and almost everywhere. 
Of course no parent would want their kids to be bullied nor to bully anyone.  It is a foul action and kids who are seen such behavior must be corrected by adults.  This kind of attitude must be well observed and must never be allowed to be practiced by anyone.  Bullying prevention can save someone's pride, dignity and life.   

It is hard to totally eliminate such behavior from people who do such thing but certain actions must be done to correct their behavior.  The targets or those people who are being bullied could end up suffering from a certain trauma if not saved from bullying.  Everybody has their own limit and unfortunately some people just couldn't keep up with the pressure and breakdown, others to the extent of ending their precious life.


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