September 7, 2011

United Conveyor Corporation

United Conveyor Corporation is a global leader in ash handling systems for today's power generation industry. They were founded in 1920, and for the past 89 years, have pushed for innovation and providing efficient solutions and gaining loyal partnerships with their clients. United Conveyor Corporation also brings their experience to the table whenever its needed. With over 4,500 installations of their systems in 60 countries and counting, they have provided 3 billion tons of ash conveyed with over 90 years of ash handling experience. They have the technical expertise to deliver the best solution for any plant, whether it is using a hydraulic system, pneumatic system, mechanical system or a vibratory system.

They carry a certain quality that appeal to customers, a commitment to service, service that prevails and offers dedicated engineers and in-house designers to provide their customers the support they need and deserve. They back their solutions with their technology which is vital for material testing which eventually leads to providing customers excellent products and custom solutions. They offer systems that handle fly ash, bottom ash, economizer ash, oil ash, fluidized bed ash and lime. They also offer dry sorbent injection systems and mill reject systems that can be designed to meet certain requirements.


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