September 9, 2011

Ready For Halloween?

Halloween is almost here everyone! People from all over are already thinking about what they want to be this year. Halloween is a special day where we can all dress up and have fun. Woman Within is a great online shop that is now offering plus size Halloween costumes at reasonable prices. Instantly get $10 off any purchase of $25 or more if you purchase before September 19, 2011. And even if that date passes by, feel free to browse around because you never know what coupons may be available at any given time.

You have plenty of costume choices to choose from. Some of you may want to be a "Midnight Dragon Fly", a "Tavern Maiden" or maybe even a "Hippie"! They also have great costumes for men such as "Batman", "Indiana Jones" or how about a "Medieval Monk". No matter what you can imagine, chances are they have something to fulfill your Halloween costume needs. Woman Within also has a nice tool to narrow down your choices by filtering your criteria down to colors, price, and costumer rating. All costumes have a nice clear photo that you may zoom into to get a better view of the details and colors. A sizing chart is also available to customers to make choosing your size correct.


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