July 9, 2014

The Animal Whisperer

Are you a pet person or not?  Not everybody has patience when it comes to pets or any animal at all but there are few gifted people who truly embrace the animals.  An example would be the dedicated veterinarians who aid the ailing ones, give much TLC and serve as their lifeline support.  Zookeepers and Animal Welfare workers are other examples of dedicated people looking after the animals around us.  How about an Animal Whisperer?  Have you heard of such?

An animal Whisperer is someone who is referred to as Animal Communicator.  This person communicates and connects with animals, may it be pets or wild ones. How they do that is something I honestly don't fully understand, it's their special "thing".  It can be in a way of reading animal behavior or sensing its health, while others talk to the animals.  Special right?

Pet owners usually find ways to connect with their beloved pets.  Somehow they learn and understand, know and feel and have that sense of closeness with their pets.  It's a special feeling, a special connection that not everybody can have.  What the heck could a translation service do for your pets, it's something not by the book.  No matter how much we try to decode every bark or meow we hear, it could still mean anything.  I guess I could say it's sensing through the animals that makes you commune and understand, just like the Animal Whisperers.


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