June 24, 2013

Public Announcement: Fun At The Zoo

Zoo is a fun place for the entire family most especially for those with kids.  It's nice to see the kids all excited and happy before even reaching the zoo.  They are just so ecstatic, even more if it's their first visit ever.  The hype escalates as they enter the zoo and start seeing animal up close.  Truly an experience that stays in their memory bank and carried on until they are all grown up and have their own little ones.

Zoo time can really be fun but don't forget that kids have exceptional energy level than adults.  They can go on forever as if not tired at all while the grown ups are just about ready to retire.  It's a total bummer for kids to cut the chase and tell them time's up because mom, dad, grandpops and grandmom cannot keep up anymore.  None of them would want to see a complete meltdown so make sure to cradle your footsies with good support.  Wearing comfort shoes for women and men alike is a must to keep up with the little ones.

Is it just the animals that makes it fun?  I guess it's the special trip with the whole family and getting to enjoy the moment altogether.


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