November 1, 2011

A Baby's First Halloween

Guest post written by Michelle Gross 

I know that it can be a little silly to make a big deal out of a baby's first holiday because the baby will have no recollection out of it. But parents, and I'm guilty of this, do it for their own benefit. When it comes down to it, there's really nothing wrong with that because the parents put in the hard work wiht the kids so they should be reaping the benefits too! Well, we decided to make a big deal out of our baby's first Halloween this year because it's a holiday that means so much to kids overall, so we thought it was appropriate.

I used our Clear Internet Austin to look up some ideas for baby costumes and ended up settling on a classic little princess outfit. Besides, she is our littel princess so we thought that would be appropriate.

She was quite the little hit in her outfit and my husban and I even dressed up as a king and queen to go along with the costume them. It didn't hurt that we got to get in on the fun of dressing up too!


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