September 13, 2011

Football obsession

Fantasy football is my newest obsession. I am truly obsessed with it. I research teams and players. I look into every single scenario: the weather, the opponent, the coach, etc. I try to think what I would feel if I was in that scenario. Would I play my best? Would I play harder? I truly am obsessed with this. I have two fantasy teams and I think these are the root of my obsession. Since I am already a competitive person, you add bragging rights with two groups of friends and I am determined to win. If you Click HERE, you will see my best strategy. I am hoping it will help me to win both titles this year. My girlfriend thinks I need to seek help. She thinks it is not normal for someone to love and research football this much. Obviously, she just doesn’t understand. I am determined for this to be the year I obtain both titles and the year I can brag to all my friends about my superior team. This will be my year and my teams will dominate! 

Thanks to Wm Rowe


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