September 14, 2011

Electronic Cigarette

Smoking is dangerous to one's health and also for those who inhale the harmful second hand smoke.  Effects might not be seen or observed immediately but it could be grave in the long run.  So why consume yourself with worthless smoking instead of staying smoke free and healthy?  

Cigarettes contain nicotine which is known to be very addictive, this creates a craving for those who are casual smokers.  This alone makes it harder for them to quit smoking.  While there are other products out there claiming it can help suppress this addictive vice, using electronic cigarette is a better option.

An e cigar is a less harmful option compared to regular cigars and tobaccos.  It may still contain nicotine levels but to a minimal dosage specially formulated for those who are reducing their nicotine intake.  A special vapor simulates the smoke which they love to inhale and exhale but less the odor and other dangerous chemicals in it. 

It is amazing how these e cigars emulate the real cigars.  No need for matches or lighters because it is battery operated.  Making it real to the feel and touch, no on and off switch to make it work - simply use it just like a regular cigar and it will automatically work. 

This product must not be introduced to children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and must only be consumed by adults of legal smoking age.  People who have medical conditions must not take it unless prescribed by medical professionals.


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