August 23, 2011

Zoopen On Airsoft

A gun is a projectile firing weapon made of hallow tubular barrel with a closed end.  It's a type of firearm of many kinds like rifles and pistols.  It requires professional practice and experience for someone to handle such artillery due to its deadly capabilities.  A gun is not something anyone can play with nor fiddle with, proper handling must always be observed for such weapons. 

Having mentioned guns and some of its kinds, what is airsoft then?  An airsoftis like the ultimate emulation of a gun.  It's very hard to know the difference between the real one from the other because it was made from the very likeness of a real gun.  It was originally created, manufactured, and marketed in Japan during the 70's due to the firearms ban among the civilians.  Over the years the purpose of the airsoft guns has then evolved to be more of recreational.  It is now used for shooting sports using non-metallic pellets.  Though it sounds a lot friendlier than real guns, users must still be very cautious in using airsoft guns.  The impact if shot within few feet can still resort to certain injuries,

Airsoft is commonly used for combat related games like military simulation and paintball.  It's the perfect gun to simulate military battlefield action.  Wearing proper protective gears is a must to avoid any injury most especially for the eyes.  A impact-resisting goggles or full face mask can prevent eye or any other facial injuries.  Same thing applies to the armor or suit, even if airsoft isn't used with metallic pellets, it still can do harm for anyone.


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