August 1, 2011

What Type Of Jeans Do You Like?

There are so many type of jeans out there, short jeans, big and tall jeans, boot-cut jeans and much more. Some folks are not a fan of the boot-cut jeans. Some people actually make their own ripped jeans. The main advantage of this is that it is cheaper, all you have to do is get your old jeans and style it the way you want. The ones from the stores are always ridiculously expensive for broken pants. Pants which don't even keep you warm. Many people buy a cheap pair of pants and then tear them up a bit according to how they like it. It can be fun, and it also makes it a unique piece of clothing that nobody else could possibly have!

There are many who can't even decide what type of jeans they like because they simply have not found the right jeans that suits them best. Many people will recommend true religion, abercrombie, hollister, old navy or gap. Abercrombie are a bit expensive, so it might be best to find them when they are on sale. Old Navy are generally reasonably priced and they have lots of styles like flared or skinny and many others. Gap has some nice looking jeans and if you can take care of them and get the right fit, they could actually compete with many designer looks. So its all about testing out many options and eventually finding what fits you best. What type or brand jeans do you like?


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