July 13, 2011

Graduating to some bigger plants

Guest post written by Kelly Haversham

I've been planting flowers in my flower boxes at my house for years. But I've never really attempted doing my own gardening in my yard for now. I hate to admit but I've been paying a landscaper this whole time. However, I want to go ahead and start gardening in my yard.

I went online to come up with some good, reasonable gardening plans that I'll be able to reasonable stick to and keep the flowers looking good. While I was looking through that information, I ran across the site http://getclearwirelessinternet.com. I read through it and after I thought about it for a good while I decided to change over my home internet service to it.

I've found actually a lot of information about plants that are easy to take care of and I've already ordered some of them from my local nursery. I also made a friend with one of the staff members there and I think that he might come and help me plant some of these. Or at least give me a little bit of guidance in starting the garden.


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